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around 12 bill○ion yuan this ye○ar in Shanghai by 〓giving 13 percent● discounts on 1,■600 types of■ low-priced home ap■pliances," said Zhan●g Xinsheng, de◆puty director of ○Shanghai municipa●l commissio○n of commerce (SMCC○).The desi◆gnated products, w○hich have been mark●ed for the subsidy ●include colo○


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ew on Mar◆ch 5, 2010 at● the Third Sessi◆on of the Eleventh N〓ational People●'s Congress a■nd was adopted on Ma○rch 14: Fe●llow Deputie◆s, The Min■istry of Finance 〓has been entrusted■ by the State● Council to ○submit this rep◆ort on the implemen■tation of the cen○tral and local● budgets for 200〓9 and th

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appro■val, and fo●r the members ■of the National Co●mmittee of the Ch●inese Peop〓le's Political Con●sultative Conferen◆ce (CPPCC) to〓 provide thei○r comments a〓nd suggestio〓ns. I. Implem●entation of th●e Central and 〓Local Budgets for ○2009 The y◆ear 2009 was○ the most diff●icult year◆ for our country's ○


〓 firm leader●ship of the○ Communist Party of 〓China (CPC), ●the people of 〓all our eth◆nic groups to■ok Deng Xiaoping● Theory and the imp◆ortant thought of Th〓ree Represents ○as their guide, th◆oroughly applie●d the Scientific Out●look on Developmen○t, comprehensi○vely carrie■d out the central l■eadersh